La Storia

Ours has been an Italian story
of commitment and achievements since 1949

  1. 1949

    Year of foundation.

    Delmet. Founded in 1949

    Founded on 13 January 1949 by the engineer Cherubino Cherubini, DELMET – Disossidazione ELettrolitica METalli – (Electrolytic deoxidisation of metals) features seventy years of company history focused on continuous innovation.

    This is an Italian story of commitment and achievements, in which commitment and tradition combine with cutting-edge technologies to satisfy the needs of a client base that’s increasingly concerned with optimising processes, respecting the environment and streamlining facilities.

  2. 1952

    First international agreement and use of the patent for electrochemical polishing.

    1950s-1960s: strong foundations for a successful future

    From its original operations Delmet immediately broadened the scope of its activities with a strong focus on electroplating and electrochemical polishing. In 1952 the first international agreement in the electrochemical polishing field was signed with a major German company in Munich; this company, for which Delmet had the Italian licence, at that time had particular expertise in the polishing of copper and its alloys.

    In 1955 a contract was signed to represent the Carl Kurt Walther company (now Walther Trowal) of Wuppertal, leader in the field of mechanical finishing with vibratory tumblers of which Delmet today remains the exclusive representative for Italy.

    The demands of expansion required Delmet to move its headquarters on several occasions; in 1952 its Milan location moved from Viale Brianza to Via Vittor Pisani, to Via Bordoni the year after that, to Via Jommelli in 1957 and to Via Dracone in 1962.

    In 1967, in response to a need to supply water purification plants, Delmet signed a representation and licensing agreement with a company in Düsseldorf: this fruitful collaboration led to the installation of many plants.

  3. 1977

    The engineer Ruggero Rigatti joined the company management and married Anna Cherubini

    1970s-1980s: towards specialisation

    In 1975 the chemical deburring of carbon steel was launched; while chemical processes gave the appearance of replacing electrochemical ones, a deeper knowledge of the processes involved highlighted a number of limitations and possibilities. In 2005 the technique was perfected by Poligrat of Munich, making it an outstanding treatment in the hydraulics, textiles and precision mechanics sectors.

    In 1977 Cherubini passed the reins of the company to Ruggero Rigatti, who decided to progressively guide Delmet’s operations towards greater specialisation; primary objectives became pickling, deburring, polishing, passivation of stainless steel and water treatment.

    At the start of the 1980s the company’s plant engineering activities were suplimented by the introduction of sub-contract services. In August 1985, to be able to tackle an increased work load equipped with the appropriate facilities and more space, Delmet decided to move its headquarters to the hinterland of Milan with a new industrial plant at Gorgonzola.

  4. 1990

    Following the premature death of Ruggero Rigatti, his son Massimo and his wife Anna Cherubini Rigatti took over control of the company and introduced state-of-the-art automation techniques.

    From the 1990s to the present day - tradition, commitment and innovation

    In 1990 the company leadership passed into the hands of Massimo Rigatti and Anna Cherubini, with processing projects for third parties, plant engineering and the supply of related chemical products making strong headway.

    Agreements with British and German companies for the distribution of Delmet plants within the European Community spurred innovative concepts in their design and production. Collaboration with local companies provided the assurance of rapid technical service and specialist personnel.

  5. 1996

    Opening of the Chinese market.

    Exports showed strong growth towards other European and non-European countries. Fundamental importance was attached to cutting-edge automation techniques, the introduction of which gave the company a position of leadership in the Italian market.

  6. 2002

    Realization of the first systems for stent treatment in Ireland and Italy.

  7. 2009

    Introduction of derouging on the Italian market.

  8. 2013

    Entry into the American market with the first plant in Cleveland.

  9. 2015

    Opening of the new sub-contract service centre at Gessate.
Construction of the first mobile “Spray Cabin” unit.
Awarding of ISO 9001 and 14001 DNV GL certification.

  10. 2017

    Launch of digital control systems with a view to Industry 4.0 management.

    In 2017 Delmet confirmed its status as the cutting-edge leader in the pickling, passivation and electropolishing processes market with the launch of digital control systems with a view to Industry 4.0 management.

Inspired by seventy years of company history and focused on continuous innovation, Massimo Rigatti and Anna Cherubini Rigatti are building a team to make Delmet the market leader in pickling, passivation and electropolishing processes. This is all made possible by a union of commitment and cutting-edge technology.

“Our real strength lies in providing all-round solutions for every stainless steel surface treatment need - simultaneously remaining aware that our technologies must continually evolve to efficiently meet the demands of its client base that’s increasingly concerned with optimising processes, respecting the environment and streamlining facilities. Innovation is in our DNA, following the tradition of style and commitment that have always set our company apart.”

Massimo and Anna