Carry out the anodic-pickling without surface alterations and without marks

Pickling, Electropolishing, Passivation... in a single step!

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Decapaggio, Elettrolucidatura, Passivazione
Decapaggio, Elettrolucidatura, Passivazione

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Macchina Elettrodecapaggio Portatile DLT
Macchina Elettrodecapaggio Portatile CGT - Cougartron
  • Anodic-pickling & electro-polishing with immediate simultaneous passivation according to ASTM
  • Excellent cleaning and decontamination results on stainless steel 2B, BA, ScotchBrite, Duplex and Hastelloy
  • Maximum efficiency on hot and cold-rolled products of any thickness
  • Use of non-toxic electrolytes and minimum waste production
  • Ideal for anodic-pickling and on-site maintenance on stainless steel systems, steelwork and piping
  • Efficient elimination of rouging on pharmaceutical systems and autoclaves
  • Efficient indelible electrolytic marking on stainless steel and the like

Stainless steel marking technology

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