Ecoclean 2000

The “pickler”


ECOCLEAN 2000 is a product with low environmental impact and does not contain chlorine ions; it has mainly been designed to decontaminate stainless steel surfaces after the various mechanical finishing treatments and to remove thin layers of oxides.

It allows perfect decontamination of stainless steel and encourages passivation in one single step.

No gases develop during the treatment.

It can also be used to remove oxides from aluminium and its alloys. It does not release harmful gases during use.

Instructions for use

ECOCLEAN 2000 is ready to use. It is to be applied with a plastic brush (PC00223 and PC00278); for large surfaces, a low-pressure pump (PC00353) or the ready-to-use spray packs can be used.

It is inadvisable to apply it on hot sheets (> 45°C) and on surfaces exposed to the direct action of the sun.

The reaction time varies from a few minutes to a maximum of 2 hours after which the treated part may appear excessively tarnished.

It is advisable to do some tests on samples in order to determine the exact time.

After treating the pieces, give them another good wash at high pressure. A final wash with demineralised water allows obtaining an excellent result. It is often combined with other final treatments to prevent haloes and marks.

Precautions for use

Use appropriate PPE and follow the instructions on the safety data sheet.


The washing water is acidic and may therefore not be drained directly, but has to be neutralised and decanted.

Industrial wastewater may be drained only after authorisation by the competent authorities. Delmet can supply manual or automatic equipment for this type of treatment.

Available sizes

Euroclean 2000 is available in the following sizes:

  • ECOCLEAN 2000 - pack of 6 x 850 g (PC01080)
  • ECOCLEAN 2000 - pack of 10 kg (PC00031)
  • ECOCLEAN 2000 - pack of 30 kg (PC00032)
  • ECOCLEAN 2000 - pack of 1000 kg (PC00034)

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

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