They degrease and prepare for subsequent treatments. Can also be used with ultrasound.


Smart Cleaner

Cold working detergent for stainless steel


Evaporable detergent alternative to petroleum

FS 10

Phosphate based degreasing detergent

FS 10 "Pronto all'uso"

Phosphate based degreasing detergent

FS 10 US

Detergent with decontaminating action for ultrasonic tanks

FS 10/C

Cold working decontaminating detergent for stainless steel


Hot working alkaline detergent

Sgrassante 110 N4

Detergent for removing polishing paste in ultrasonic tanks

Sgrassante 112

Hot working detergent

Sgrassante 125

Hot working detergent for removing glue and paint residues


Universal detergent for finishing in ultrasonic tanks

SCL 500

Detergent for surfaces after electropolishing

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