Chemical physical data

  • Physical State: Liquid
  • pH at 1%: /
  • Chemical composition: Mixture of denatured isoparaffins and other non-hazardous additives.
  • Free from: Aromatic solvents, chlorides and petroleum derivatives.

Typical use

ECO PETROL is a product suitable for all metals. It is mainly used as a lubricant for mild, cold deforming operations such as for example rolling or straightening pipes, rolling of aluminium, copper and their respective alloys and the skinpassing of bands. The product does not require subsequent rinsing with water or even drying since it evaporates spontaneously in air.

ECO PETROL is also used as a scourer to be utilised in production lines, thanks to its high solvent action on drawing oils and soaps.


The product does not corrode the majority of paints, resins, rubbers, etc.; it is characterised by the absence of smell and for its non-flammable property, furthermore it has the great advantage of not being toxic.

Equipment does not require to be made of special material, but may be of normal steel.

Conditions of use

  • Concentration : as is
  • Operating temperature : from ambient temperature to 50 °C

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

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