FS 10/C

Degreasing solution with a slight pickling action


FS 10/C solution, also suitable for brushed surfaces, has been designed to dissolve oils and greases and remove thin oxide layers from metal surfaces allowing degreasing and decontamination from slight oxidation in one single step. It does not tarnish the surface and eliminates marks (e.g. felt-tip pen) often used to mark sheets made of different materials.

To assess whether cleaning was successful, you can use Clean Test (PC01506) to determine the surface tension according to DIN 53364/ISO8296.

Instructions for use

FS 10/C solution is sold as a concentrate to be diluted with water at a volume ratio of 1:2 to 1:9 depending on the amount of oxides and greases on the surface. Dilute by adding the concentrate to the water, mixing carefully.

The solution is normally sprayed onto the surfaces to be treated. The product may also be brushed or sprayed directly onto the piece. Consumption: approx. 80 – 120 g/m2.

The treatment times depend on the level of contamination and oxidation of the surfaces to be treated and vary from a few seconds to several minutes.

Wash with cold water, at high pressure if possible, for good mechanical removal of all the dissolved pollutants.


The washing water is acidic and contains heavy metals and may therefore not be drained directly, but has to be neutralised and decanted.

We can supply products and manual or automatic equipment for this type of treatment.


FS 10/C is slightly acidic and is corrosive.

Wear rubber gloves, anti-splash goggles and rubber aprons when using the product.

Follow the safety recommendations given on the packaging.

We can supply all the protective clothing you may need.

If, in spite of all the precautions, FS 10/C comes into contact with the skin or eyes, wash abundantly under running water and then neutralise with a 5% sodium bicarbonate solution. Consult a doctor.

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

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