TKRS is a powder, lightly alkaline, used for the microfinishing of surfaces, with ULTRASONIC, prior to vacuum metallisation or to eliminate every kind of deposit ( grease, salts,etc) from the surface

  • Does not oxidize nor attack metals
  • Can be easily rinsed off
  • Leaves no residues after drying pH (3%): 9,8
  • Form: powder Colour: white

Method 'guide

  • Concentration: 5 - 20 g/l (0,5 - 2%)
  • Temperature: 40 - 70°C
  • Time: 1 - 3 min.
  • Bath preparation with hot water. (40 to 60°C)


In accordance with the international regulations concerning the degradability of surfactants contained in detergents (814.226.227, state in October 1st, 1987), the biodegradability of the surfactants used in the preparation of TKRS is more than 90%.

Easy verification of:

  • US power
  • Concentration of the product
  • Temperature
  • Demineralized water quality before air or vacuum drying


The washing water containing surfactants, heavy metals and residues of various kinds from the residue removed from the surface, so they can not be discharged directly into the sewer, but must be treated with a suitable water treatment plant and discharged in accordance with the legislation in force prior authorization of local authorities.

Our Company and 'able to provide manual or automatic water treatment plants for this type of treatment.

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

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