Kit specifically designed for stainless steel treatment and protection.

The innovative system for treatment and protection of stainless steel surfaces.

  • It is complete, because it first removes ferrous contaminations and small oxidations and then protects
  • It is easy, thanks to the kit
  • It is multipurpose: effective in a marine environment and places where chlorine is present (swimming pools, Fitness centres), and useful for indoor and outdoor furniture

Stainless steel care in 4 easy steps!

  • Step 1: Ecoclean STD - Decontamination
  • Step 2: Neutral STD - Neutralization
  • Step 3: Dry STD - Cleaning
  • Step 4: Coating - Protection

4inox Therapy System System offers only advantages for stainless steel:

  • Resistant to chemical agents
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Anti-scratch
  • Resistant to temperature
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Water-repellent


Street furniture

Removes and prevents corrosion of stainless steel in urban areas

Home Edition

Removes and prevents rust and oxidation of steel at home


Removes rust and protects stainless steel on stainless steel machinery


Removal and prevention of corrosion of stainless steel in marine environments

Pools - Spa

Removal and prevention of corrosion of stainless steel in swimming baths

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