Passivante P 2000 Gel


PASSIVANTE P2000 GEL is a gel passivating agent based on citric acid and does not contain nitric acid in compliance with ASTM 967. This passivating agent has a low environmental impact and has been designed to increase resistance to corrosion and guarantee, after adequate pickling, restoring the passive film of chromium oxide, typical of 300 series stainless steels.

Its use allows solving the problems of nitrates in water and NOx in aspirated fumes. It can also be used after an electropolishing treatment to remove any stains and haloes.

Instructions for use

The product is to be used as is. Chemical treatments are generally not effective if oils and greases are not removed beforehand. It is advisable to pre-treat the surface with a degreasing liquid, as good degreasing is essential to obtain a good result.

The product should be stirred thoroughly in the bucket before applying by brush to the area to be pickled; this gel doesn’t run away, if it is applied on vertical surface. If the surface is big, we suggest the spraying application, to avoid halos and stainostro

The P2000 passivating gel application time is affected by the operating temperature.

The treatment time varies from 30 to 60 minutes.

Once the pieces have been passivated, thoroughly wash them using a high-pressure washer. A final wash with demineralized water ensures obtaining an optimal result.

If you want to significantly increase the resistance to corrosion, apply POLINOX B PROTECT after passivation. POLINOX B PROTECT optimizes the formation and composition of the passivation layer which increases stainless steel resistance to corrosion.

As to regard the washing process, we recommend the use of cold water, possibly by an high pressure machine, in order to guarantee a correct mechanical removal of any dissolved contaminants.

Precautions for use

Use suitable personal protective equipment and follow the instructions on the safety data sheet.


Washing wastewater is acidic and therefore cannot be drained directly but requires neutralization and decantation.

Industrial wastewater may only be drained after authorization of the competent authorities. Delmet can supply manual or automatic equipment for this type of treatment.

Available formats

Passivante P2000 gel is available in the following formats:

  • Passivante P2000 gel in containers of 5 kg (PC01167)
  • Passivante P2000 gel in containers of 10 kg (PC01168)
  • Passivante P2000 gel in containers of 30 kg (PC01169)

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