Pickling gel for stainless steel (AISI 300 series)


G-speedy is a pickling gel for stainless steels designed for local application and allows removing welding oxides, in short times, and other surface contamination caused by previous mechanical processing, which could cause localised corrosion phenomena.

G-speedy has been designed for local application with a brush and it does not run even if applied on vertical surfaces. It is red in order to guarantee a good visibility and to avoid wastefulness during the application of the product.

In order to obtain a good result, good washing is essential for complete mechanical removal of the pollutants (oxides) chemically dissolved on the surface.

G-speedy consumption is between 250 and 350 g/m2.

Instructions for use

G-speedy is slightly thixotropic and it is advisable to shake it before use, especially after long periods of storage.

Tightly close the container after use. Chemical treatments in general are not effective if oils and greases are not first removed. It is advisable to pre-treat the surfaces with a liquid degreaser (Smart Cleaner); good degreasing is an essential requirement to obtain a good result. Depending on the nature of the welds, it might be necessary to repeat the cycle or use a stainless steel, broom-corn or plastic brush.

We advise applying G-speedy on welds with a plastic brush (PC00223 and PC00278) while on large surfaces it is essential to spray-apply G-SPEEDY SPRAY in order to prevent haloes and marks. Delmet supplies pumps suitable for spraying the product (PC00353).

Treatment times on surfaces with:

  • TIG welds: 10 to 20 min.
  • Electrode welds: 20 to 60 min. (20°C).

It is advisable to do some tests on samples in order to determine the exact time.

After pickling the pieces, give them another good wash at high pressure. A final wash with demineralised water allows obtaining an excellent result. After pickling, you can also use ECOCLEAN 2000, a detergent for stainless steel, to prevent haloes and marks.

Precautions for use

Use appropriate PPE and follow the instructions on the safety data sheet.


The washing water is acidic and may therefore not be drained directly, but has to be neutralised and decanted.

Industrial wastewater may be drained only after authorisation by the competent authorities. Delmet can supply manual or automatic equipment for this type of treatment.

Available sizes

G-speedy pickling gel is available in the following sizes:

  • G-speedy - pack of 6 x 1.2 kg (PC01561)
  • G-speedy - pack of 10 kg (PC01563)

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

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