Gelinox Spray

Pickling gel for stainless steel (AISI 300 series)


Gelinox Spray is a ready-to-use pickling gel for stainless steels designed to remove oxides (and other contamination caused by previous mechanical processing) from welds and large surfaces.

Gelinox Spray has been designed to be sprayed onto surfaces and does not run even if applied on vertical surfaces.

The final aesthetic result is similar to that obtained by means of immersion pickling.

In order to obtain a good result, good washing is essential for complete removal of the pollutants (oxides) dissolved on the surface.

Gel consumption is between 200-300 g/m2 using a pneumatic pump.

Instructions for use

GELINOX SPRAY is a thixotropic product and it is advisable to mix/shake it before use, especially after long periods of storage. Tightly close the container after use.

In order to reduce NOx emission which creates strong fumes, it is advisable to degrease the surface with FS 10 solution and then rinse it with water. Chemical treatments in general are not effective if oils and greases are not first removed. It is advisable to pre-treat the surfaces with a liquid degreaser; good degreasing is an essential requirement to obtain a good result.

Having to work in closed environments, make sure that there is good ventilation. We recommend evenly applying GELINOX SPRAY and it would be best to use manual or pneumatic pumps suitable for spraying the product (PC00353).

Check that all the parts not in stainless steel are adequately protected.

It is inadvisable to apply it on hot sheets (> 45°C) and on surfaces exposed to the direct action of the sun

Treatment times on surfaces with:

  • TIG welds: 10 to 30 min.
  • Electrode welds: 30 to 60 min. (20°C)

The product can be left at room temperature (20°C) up to a maximum of about 12 hours.

It is advisable to do some tests on samples in order to determine the exact time.

After pickling the pieces, give them another good wash at high pressure. A final wash with demineralised water allows obtaining an excellent result. After pickling, you can also use ECOCLEAN 2000, a detergent for stainless steel, to prevent haloes and marks.

Precautions for use

Use appropriate PPE and follow the instructions on the safety data sheet.


The washing water is acidic and may therefore not be drained directly, but has to be neutralised and decanted.

Industrial wastewater may be drained only after authorisation by the competent authorities. Delmet can supply manual or automatic equipment for this type of treatment.

Available sizes

GELINOX SPRAY pickling gel is available in the following sizes:

  • GELINOX SPRAY - pack of 30 kg (PC00008)
  • GELINOX SPRAY - pack of 1200 kg (PC00046)

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

Download the technical sheet in PDF format

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