Sub-contracting processing

Stainless steel: three divisions, an integral answer

We pickle, passivate and electropolish your items at our qualified service centres in Gorgonzola, Gessate and over Italy, thanks to our points of support. We place our 70 years’ experience at your service.

Sub-contract processing

Our experience works for you in our facilities

For those who wish to outsource the treatments, we have our specialized service available. We take care of your steel items in two different processing facilities, equipped with the most advanced innovative plant, using all our experience and expertise, gained in decades of working side by side with our customers. The effectiveness of the treatments is combined with efficiency for a fast and impeccable result. You can remotely track the progress of our work on your products through our digital monitoring platform.

Pickling method

Express service

The most functional method to obtain a decontaminated and homogeneous stainless steel surface is by means of immersion in a specific acid compound that removes a very thin surface film and consequently removes the contaminating agents that have deposited on it. Correct pickling in a solution containing fluorides results in an attractive even grey surface appearance, an effect of the chemical micro-pickling action.


After the pickling treatment, the steel is able to self-restore the protective film of chromium oxide, but this “self-passivation” process takes a long time and requires particular conditions. “Passivation” is a process that allows accelerating the formation of this protective layer with the aid of specific preparations. We normally operate by immersion in tanks or, alternatively, by spraying. After the treatment, we can check its effectiveness by means of our passivation test, which also detect any contamination.


Electropolishing is the “reverse of electro-plating”. Instead of depositing a coating of another material on a surface, the action of electropolishing removes a surface layer, typically between 10 and 40 microns in the case of stainless steel. That way, all contamination is removed acting deeper than pickling. Passivation of the surfaces is achieved simultaneously with electropolishing.

Derouging treatment

Rouge is visible as layers of reddish coating on stainless steel surfaces inside pharmaceutical equipment and loops.

It can be removed using innovative pH-neutral products that do NOT damage the equipment and can therefore be used repeatedly and periodically without damaging the component.

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